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Founded in June of 2008 by Jack Spirko the Survival Podcast has been helping its' listeners and members build a better life since day one.  The Survival Podcast provides real world practical advice to empower its listeners to make better financial decisions, prepare to deal with disasters and emergencies and live more sustainable and above all self sufficient lives.  

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Located at our blog provides show notes and resources for the daily audio program.  Go here to contact the host, download prior episodes, get the latest show, subscribe to the show via iTunes, get the notes and resource for the daily show and participate in show discussions. 


The Survival Podcast Community Forum

Launched in October of 2008 the TSP Forum has grown to over 4,000 active members.  Join our forum and connect with like minded individuals, gain knowledge from over 10,000 topics  and connect with preparedness and self sufficient minded individuals in your area on our regional boards.

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Don't be shy about your quest for a more self sufficient life style.  Check out The Survival Podcast Gear Shop to find awesome attire, cool tools and other great ways to help show pride in and spread the Survival Podcast message of "living a better life if times get tough or even if they don't".

The Survival Podcast Members Support Brigade

The Survival Podcast is supported by listeners at a rate of 20 cents an episode.  When you become a member you won't just help support the show you will get exclusive content, members only videos, discounts, fee eBooks and over $150 of value on day one.

Survival Podcast Show Sponsors 

All sponsors of The Survival Podcast are put through a rigorous approval process and should be seen as the personal endorsement of the show host.  In order to assure quality every prospective sponsor is place through a review by our "Listener Ad Counsel", composed of our forum moderators.  Should as few as two Ad Counsel members veto a sponsor their application is rejected.  Ad Counsel members are not compensated for this service so you know their votes are 100% independent of any influence.  The Listener Ad Counsel is a TSP original, we know of no other online business that requires audience approval before a sponsor is signed.  If you are interested in advertising on TSP be aware we are currently running a waiting list because our existing inventory is sold out.  For more information on adverting with TSP click here.


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